If you have actually dealt with a stopped up toilet, you are not alone. Each year, more than one in 5 Americans deal with a blocked toilet and 70 percent surveyed recently concurred that clogs activate a genuine headache.

The study commissioned by the Scott ® Clog Clinic, an authority on sensible services for preventing stopped-up toilets, discovered that if a few correct steps are taken, customers can prevent most blockages.

• Away from house. • Only you can prevent clogs. Forty-five percent “totally concur” that they can prevent toilet blockages by using a septic-safe toilet paper.

Those with older homes, septic-tank systems, low-flow toilets, and people who own a boat or RV are most at danger of blockages and pipes issues. The very first line of attack to avoid toilet clogs is to utilize a septic-safe tissue such as Scott 1000ct or Scott Extra Soft.


• Away from house. • Only you can avoid clogs. Forty-five percent “totally agree” that they can avoid toilet obstructions by utilizing a septic-safe toilet paper.

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